9 months after announced, TCD to Ballsbridge quick-build scheme goes to public consultation

Nine months after it was announced, the Trinity to Ballsbridge walking and cycle route using quick-build measures is now going to public consultation and being split into two phases.

The consultation will last until October 20, 2023, so, it is highly unlikely the first phase will progress to construction until months into 2024. Phase 1 will go from Holles St to Lansdowne Road along Mount Street Lower and Northumberland Road.

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The section between Holles Street and Trinity which is bumped into Phase 2 includes Merrion Square North which was subjected to unsubstantiated claims that the livelihood of artists who display works around the railing of the park on Sundays is at risk due to the cycle route and questioned.

In January, a number of councillors urged their fellow councillors to stop obstructing cycling projects “time and time again”, and to support necessary climate action rather than worrying about who’s “pulling the strings” when projects are in line with the city’s policies.

Details of Phase 1 can be found at consultation.dublincity.ie.

IMAGE: The section around Merrion Square North is on hold until there is further stakeholder consultation with the artists.


  1. Its very frustrating that all these schemes seem to take so long. I’ve answered so many public consultations in the last few years for schemes around my area but haven’t seen any progress on them. My children will be well able to cycle independently in traffic by the time anything happens.

  2. Ah here. What next? Ranelagh one also to go to public consultation to allow people nipping in for a latte at Tribeca/Cinnamon to park on the existing painted cycle lanes for *only* five minutes?

  3. Great coverage but so frustrating that “quick builds” move at such a snail’s pace. Really gives no chance for a quick feedback cycle of experimentation when small changes take so long. The proposed changes are so weak anyway, with so many gaps over a short distance it’s just hard not to become frustrated with the process.

  4. Funny how the artists along Stephen’s Green north seem to be able to survive with no parking on East or North side of Stephen’s Green. Why is Merrion Sq North so special, aren’t a lot of the pitches on the east side opposite NGI and where there is a dose of “rere to the kerb” spaces anyway?


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