Webinar series covering Ireland’s new Cycle Design Manual to start on Thursday

Ireland’s new Cycle Design Manual will feature as the subject of a webinar series which will run from 11.30am to 1pm on the next three Thursdays.

The series is being run by Engineers Ireland, the professional body, but will be open to all to watch.

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The webinars will include topics such as design principles, links, junctions, roundabouts, SuDS, crossings, bicycle parking and legal changes.

The new National Transport Authority which was overseen by the Department of Transport replaces the  National Cycle Manual which was published in 2011 and now withdrawn.

The National Transport Authority (NTA) said that the new manual “draws on the experience of delivering cycling infrastructure across Ireland over the last decade, as well as learning from international best practice, and has been guided by the need to deliver safe cycle facilities for people of all ages and abilities.”

“The new manual places more emphasis on the range of cycles that cycle infrastructure will have to accommodate and the recommendations focus on segregating cyclists from traffic where speeds and volumes make roads unsuitable for sharing. There is also a general presumption towards segregating pedestrians and cyclists where possible,” the authority said.

The new manual includes protected junctions, Dutch style cycle-friendly roundabouts, and parallel crossings.

The NTA has highlighted how some newer features will require amendments to supporting Regulations and the Traffic Sign Manual and, for that reason, designers should consult with the relevant approving authority prior to installing any of the newer designs — the legal issues will also feature as part of the webinar series.

You can register at Engineersireland.ie.


Part 1 – Introduction & Cycle Links: 11:30 – 1300, Thursday 12 October

Chair: Finola O’Driscoll, NTA

  • Introduction and legislative changes | Joe Seymour, NTA
  • Main requirements and design principles | Noel Fennelly, NTA
  • Cycle links | Philip Lee, CSEA
  • Geometric requirements | Joe Seymour, NTA

Part 2 – Junctions & Crossings: 11:30 – 13:00, Thursday, 19 October

Chair: Paul McGartoll, NTA

  • Priority junctions | Joe Seymour, NTA
  • Signal-controlled junctions | Noel Fennelly, NTA
  • Roundabouts | Philip Lee, CSEA
  • Crossings | Philip Lee, CSEA

Part 3 – Implementation, Maintenance & SuDS: 11:30 – 13:00, Thursday, 26 October

Chair: Anthony Morrow, NTA

  • Implementation & Maintenance | Joe Seymour, NTA
  • Cycle Parking | Finola O’Driscoll, NTA
  • Legislative changes | Marty Boran, AECOM
  • SuDS Advice Note for Active Travel Schemes | Michael Dunne, CSEA

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