A National Cycle Collision Tracker: What should be included?

Thanks to a kind offer from the Dublin Inquirer, IrishCycle.com is looking to help take a revived Cycle Collision Tracker nationwide.

For a number of years, the Dublin Inquirer newspaper ran the Cycle Collision Tracker logging cycling-related collisions across the capital.

The idea of the tracker is for members of the public to mark locations on a map where a collision has occurred and those spots are publicly visible on a map When enough people use the tracker, clusters shart to show problem areas.

As the Dublin Inquirer outlined in a recent call for feedback (similar to this one), the reports submitted from members of the public also have more details which is not made public because of the personal information included. However, this detail has allowed the Dublin Inquirer to spot patterns and write about the issues which became apparent. IrishCycle.com hopes to do the same on a national level, as well as possibly work collectively on Dublin stories.

So, how do you think the tracker should work? What should be included and what should not?

You can give feedback below or via this WhatsApp group.

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