24-hour bus lanes and cycle lanes to become more common in Dublin City

More cycle lanes and bus lanes in Dublin City will be made operational on a 24-hour basis, Dublin City Council has said.

A number of cycle lanes and bus lanes have been made 24 hours in recent years, one of the latest being the bus lanes on the Drumcondra Road. It comes with a growing number of 24 hour bus lane services as part of BusConnects and an increased focus on cycling safety and priority.

The official response came after a question from former Lord Mayor Cllr Alison Gilliland (Labour).

Cllr Gilliland based for the Chief Executive “to outline the rationale/decision making/legislative background for the standing down of cycle lanes between 10am and 12 mid-day and between 7pm and 7am on roads that do not have a bus lane with similar traffic management for example Beaumont Rd. as per the signage recently erected?”

The chief executive, Richard Shakespeare, said: “During the initial roll out of bus and cycle lanes a loading window from 10.00 to 12.00 was incorporated in a lot of the schemes. This was to assist businesses along a route to still have access to legal loading times. The rationale for the stopping of bus lanes at 19.00 in the evening was that traffic was lighter and the bus service was decreasing in frequency and finishing at 23.30.”

He said: “A program of changing these times to reflect the new reality of 24 hour bus services and the desire to have more safe and segregated cycle routes is underway with a number of locations now 24 hours and this analysis is continuing.”


  1. “analysis is continuing.”
    What? ? ?
    What has to be analysed? I spend most of my cycling time during those restricted times.
    Its ridiculous. There should be no restrictions. All 24 hours.

  2. As long as it isn’t just one side of the street and not the other direction as well.

    Far too many streets have a one way cycle lane on one side and nothing on the other side.

    Seems a bit vague when it doesn’t say 7 days- it’ll still be a car park on sat/sun as usual I’d say.

    • Time/day plates are only needed for exceptions. So:

      — A sign with a time plate but not the days = 7 days.

      — A sign without a time plate or the days = 24/7.

      There is a risk that putting up 24h or 24/7 time plates confuses things and devalues the older 24/7 lanes without any time plates.


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