College Green’s cycle path is now extended, but how do you use it going towards Dame Street?

The northern section of the two-way cycle track on College Green and Dame Street was extended a short distance in recent months, but how do you use it?

As reported recently, a new study by Trinity College Dublin found that the combination of limited space, crossing the tram tracks at a shallow angle and pressure from motorists increases the chances of cyclists falling off their bikes at tram tracks

This video shows how to use the route which allows people cycling to avoid mixing with buses, taxis and trams while crossing tram tracks at a shallow angle while travelling from College Street to College Green:

This is the movement to get onto the two-way cycle path:

The Cycle Network plans for Dublin outline how the route could be extended — these changes could be done with simple fixes which mainly include signs, but there’s no sign of quick action here. Dublin City Council allowing these movements in both directions would make the College Green cycle path a lot more connected and useful.

ADDED: As it’s been pointed out by a reader, the new design actually makes things worse for people heading northbound — you used to be able to head out of Church Lane (top purple arrow) and join the two-way cycle path and now that’s been blocked off:


  1. Interesting to see the intended route! I’ve cycled it before and honestly had no idea where I was meant to go so just went along the tram tracks.

  2. thanks! good to know, though I think I would be putting my life at risk to get to the right side of the triangle at the start if coming from D’Olier street or even Pearse St at the Garda Station. um… well, cycling around the entire area is a decision to put one’s life at risk! DCC are the pits.

    • What a mess.

      The speed of ebikes on that corner makes it a total blind corner IMHO especially if it’s busy with pedestrians, not to mention jaywalkers.

      Never understood why they didn’t just take the luas to Nassau st then Westland Row (to meet Dart) and back around to Pearse or even down Tara St (dart again).

  3. When you come down Church Lane, the sign on top of the traffic lights is a ‘no right turn’ arrow with an ‘except cyclists’ plate but I’ve no idea where you are supposed to go as the gap across is tiny and one way? The sign was added when the recent change took place, but I’m lost to understand what it means you’re allowed do…

  4. They should change / simplify the configuration make it simple – make it a straight line for cyclists and that’s it. I think it is ultimately safest for all road and footpath users to just cycle into the damned tram-lane and try to get back out. Crossing over to the bloody bank avoiding collision with oncoming cyclists and pedestrians, then having to cross lights to get back to the road is absolutely ridiculous and dangerous. I am surprised there hasn’t been a really major incident at this junction yet. Some megalomaniac sadist must have designed the current configuration.

  5. I use the College Green intersection regularly and I cannot fathom the link that the video shows.

    Yes we can avoid the trams, doubledeckers buses, taxis, and private vehicles and pedestrians but joining the protected track is chaotic at best.

    Cycling from Eden Quay vía D’Olier Street to the aforementioned is a death trap for at least the inexperienced… and bicycle users, once they’ve negotiated the route to ‘safety’, are spat out onto Dame Street, congested with buses blocking the left lane and taxis and private motorised vehicles racing to beat lights.

    Who signed off this redesigning of the Westmoreland Street, D’Olier Street, College Green and Dame Street infrastructure?

    • It’s a mare. I came the other route today, down from equally crazy Thomas Street, looking to get onto Nassau Street. The amount of f**king about trying to find crossings, safe places to mount/dismount for what should be a super simple piece of inner city bike travelling. As Morrissey might have put it, I’m so sickened, I’m so very sickened…. why do we go there when they make things so hard for us? :)


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