8 people cycling died on roads in Ireland in 2023

Eight people cycling lost their lives while cycling on roads in Ireland in 2023, an increase of one death compared to the previous year.

Of the eight, six of the fatal collisions involved motorists, one was a single-vehicle collision (bicycle) and the other is unclear at the time of writing.

Overall road deaths increased by 19% in the last year. With a total of 184 people who died in 173 fatal collisions in 2023 compared to 155 deaths in 149 collisions in 2022

According to data released by the Road Safety Authority, the 184 road deaths in 2023 included 69 drivers, 44 pedestrians, 34 passengers, 26 motorcyclists, 8 cyclists and 3 e-scooter users. The RSA said: “Compared to 2022, there has been an increase in fatalities among all road user groups: drivers (+11), passengers (+12), motorcyclists (+3), pedal cyclists (+1), pedestrians (+1) and other road users (+1).”

The following were the eight deaths involving people cycling:

  • May 27th: Gabriele Glodenyte, a 24-year-old manager at Microsoft and a top-level racing cyclist, was killed in a collision with a motorist driving a car outside Grallagh Cemetery in Co Dublin.
  • June 7th: A young adult in his late teens died in a single-vehicle collision when his electric bicycle hit a pillar in the Fortunestown Lane area, Tallaght, Dublin 24.
  • August 12th: André Ladeiro, an 8-year-old schoolchild, died in Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) at Temple Street in Dublin four days after being knocked down by a motorist at a roundabout in Carrigaline.
  • August 16th: Michael Lorigan, a 60-year-old school teacher, was killed in a collision involving a car driver on the N67 at Baunmore, Co Clare.
  • September 3rd: Pat Murphy, a man in his 60s, was killed on a local rural road close to Cromane Church in Co Kerry. A woman, in her 20s, was arrested after the collision and a file was prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.
  • October 21th: Jenny Drew (née Convery), a cyclist in her 70s from Beaghkearns in Monaghan Town, was killed in a collision involving a car driver at Cootehill Road close to Monaghan Town.
  • November 6th: Josilaine Ribeiro, a 36-year-old carer who was cycling to work, was killed in a collision involving a motorist driving a truck at Dolphin’s Barn Bridge in Dublin 8.
  • December 13th: A man in his 50s who was cycling was found dead in a cycle lane in Sligo.

Road User Fatalities 2023 versus 2022

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  1. Any death is 1 to many but its worrying to see all groups increase pedestrian deaths are too high as the most vulnerable road users followed by cyclists and e scooters.


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