IMAGES: Work progressing on Royal Canal Greenway between Glasnevin and Drumcondra

Work is progressing on the Royal Canal Greenway between Glasnevin / Phibsborough and Drumcondra — here are some images and a short video of the work so far.

This is a video around the centre of the route section:

Heavy work is ongoing on the Glasnevin / Phibsborough end of the project — the work includes not just widening the path but also putting in place underground services:

The greenway work — and work Waterways Ireland is doing alongside it — has exposed the man-made nature of the canal, especially along this section where the canal is above the railway (which is behind the workers in the image here).

The light grey kerb beside the machinery is newly installed as part of the greenway works, while below it is the historic canal wall which is usually covered by clay which will be restored:

This is a section where the work is more progressed:

This is from the same spot but looking towards Drumcrondra — this path will be split between walking (1.5m) and cycling (2.5m two-way) with a kerb down the middle. The width of both paths would be substandard for the location and likely use.

This is the cross-over point for the greenway — the new bridge is just out of view:

This is at the Drumcondra Road end — it’s worth saying that this remedial looks rather stark but greenery will take hold again. Unrelated to the greenway, Waterways Ireland previously undertook similarly stark embankment work west of the Phibsborough Road:


  1. My understanding is that this section was due to finish in q12024. Is this still the plan do you think. It is such a loss that it has been closed for so long already – I’d honestly have opposed it given the section already had two workable paths in any case

      • From a briefing distributed locally by a FG election hopeful, this section should reopen in Q2 2024. All other sections between Drumcondra and the North Strand will be in Q1 or Q2 2025 “provided no further unexpected delays are experienced”!

  2. They have done exactly the opposite of what was advised they,ve made the Canal a sterile environment for Flora &Fauna .Did the path need to be This wide?

    • The paths will be narrower than they got planning for and narrower than is the standard for such locations.

      The project is not finished by a long shot and, as mentioned above, this is how the next section of the canal west from here looked when Waterways Ireland were doing embankment work there a few years ago, it fully recovered.

  3. They’ve started working on the Prospect Road/Whitworth Road junction. Down to one lane inbound. Hopefully won’t impact on buses too much. It may not, bus lane is usually clogged with left turning cars anyway.

    • Wish gardai would target there as bus lane is right up to the junction left turning should only be from right hand lane.when I do drive there I turn from right lane which is the legal way

      • I think you are in error there Martin. The solid line for the bus lane ends at the railway bridge. The excessive wait time and high number of pedestrians means a lot of people will scoot across the road rather than wait for the lights. Take care because when pedestrians are making a break for it, they will not be looking at the right hand lane, just the left.


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