Council to look at renewing reflectivity of mini-bollards on Griffith Avenue

Dublin City Council are to look at renewing the reflectivity of the mini-bollards on Griffith Avenue.

The issue about the mini-bollards as ucg as the ones pictured below was raised at the last Dublin City Council meeting.

Cllr Christy Burke (independent) said: “In relation to sections of the small poles on the road on Griffith Avenue visibility is very very poor. Did they ever think of Illuminating them a little bit more than what they are? Particularly the small black ones because they are dangerous both for cyclists and motorists on dark evenings.”

Brendan O’Brien, head of the traffic and transport section of Dublin City Council, said: “I suppose one of our main problems in Griffith Avenue was the leaf falls so we had to put small poles in to allow the big sweepers to come in and actually clear some of the leaves there some of that causes damage to those small poles

He added: “So, we will look to get some of the reflectivity put back onto [the bollards on] Griffith Avenue.”

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