Garda mobility plans needed to help tackle chaotic parking outside stations – Dublin MEP

Garda Stations in Dublin need mobility plans to help tackle chaotic parking outside stations according to Dublin MEP Ciarán Cuffe (Green Party).

He tweeted a video taken at the start of January which shows a mix of private and Garda cars parked on both sides of the street outside of Pearse Street Garda Station with buses struggling to stop at stops and pass by.'s reader-funded journalism won't survive without your help. With over 762,000 views so-far this year, it's not just "avid cyclists" who read this website, but, if you want it to keep going, more support is needed from readers like you. Now, back to the article...

The city centre station is known as a blackspot for such parking but the video showed what seems to be an unusually high level of chaotic parking including a Garda SUV blocking a bus stop and another Garda SUV on double yellow lines directly across from the same point, private cars parked also blocking the bus stops, and two Garda vans parked on the small square outside the station.

Cuffe said: “That’s a lot of cars parked outside Pearse Street Garda Station. Time for a Garda transport and mobility plan?”

Cuffe told this website: “I took the video January 5th, 2024. There’s been no update since I wrote those letters [to Garda last year].”

“I believe An Garda Siochana should produce a sustainable mobility plan for their members. It could help to tackle scenes like this outside Pearse Street station, and enhance their moral authority in tackling illegal parking by members of the public,” he said.

Back in early 2023, Cuffe wrote to Commissioner Drew Harris, he said: “I am writing regarding the congestion of cars to be found near Garda stations and courtrooms in Dublin, which are causing parking and accessibility issues. There are fantastic developments in the area of transport in Dublin, with more and more people choosing to walk, cycle and use public transport to get from A to B.”

He asked: “I wonder might you consider a transport and mobility plan for An Garda Siochana taking the above into account, encouraging the Gardai to make greater use of active mobility and public transport options in place of cars?”

In response, Anne Marie Cagney, who was then Assistant Commissioner in the Dublin Metropolitan Region, said: “I too share your view that there are fantastic developments in the area of transport in Dublin, with more and more people choosing to walk, cycle and use public transport to get from A to B. I am aware of a number of Gardai in the Dublin Metropolitan Region (DMR) who in fact do walk or cycle and where necessary use public transport.”

“However, given the obvious shift work performed by the majority of employees attached to the DMR, which is outside of the operational hours of most public transport this limits the number of employees who can utilise public transport and is not an option to travel by means of walking or cycling,” said Cagney. “I am aware that there were a number of issues and reports of congestion issues at Court Rooms and Garda Stations and I am actively working with the regional teams to address such issues.”

She added: “An Garda Siochana in the DMR, where possible contributed to reducing parking and accessibility issues near Garda Stations by facilitating remote working of a number of its employees. Please be assured I have engaged with each of my Chief Superintendents in the DMR to consider how they may encourage their members to make greater use of active mobility and public transport where possible.”


  1. I suppose they weren’t asked but an explanation of why none of the illegally parked cars are ticketed or clamped would be welcome. This happens regularly and is just plain corruption. Emergency service vehicles need leeway when responding to their duties but this is clearly not the case here. One rule for the public and one for the gardai seriously undermines confidence in them.

  2. Mountjoy Garda Station on the North Circular Road has a similar problem, which is made worse by the heavy traffic on that road. I tried asking about it on the Garda website:

    Feedback Form

    Subject: Parking on cycle lane between Garda station and pedestrian crossing to the Mater
    Body: Hi I noticed that most mornings there is a line of cars parked in the cycle lane in from of the station, between the area marked off for official Garda parking and the pedestrian lights. What is the appropriate way to report this problem and have people not cause this hazard? With regards Oisín
    Date: 30/08/2023 21:24:12

    The reply was:
    Good morning Oisin,

    With reference to the above, please attend your local Garda Station to report this matter.

    Kind regards,

    Sent on behalf of Superintendent

    I’m not sure that I would get a great reception if I did that, and would expect to be left sitting for hours


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