Dublin City Council says it is developing an active travel ‘behaviour change campaign’

Dublin City Council’s Active Travel office is developing a ‘Behaviour Change Campaign’ which is “aimed at improving safety and the perception of safety for people” and “to encourage people to choose active travel options”.

In an update to the council’s Transport Committee, Christopher Manzira, deputy director of the Active Travel office at Dublin City Council, said: “The team is also in the process of developing a Behaviour Change Campaign, in response to Councillor [Damian] O’Farrell’s Motion at the June 2023 North Central Area Committee, including an amendment from Councillor [Alison] Gilliland.”

The motion by Cllr O’Farrell (independent) said: “That this North Central Area Committee is concerned for the safety of pedestrians (and cyclists) in and near shared cyclist/pedestrian spaces including but not limited to; on our footpaths, shared spaces within parks and when alighting from buses. In areas which were previously safe for our elders to enjoy, they now fear the possibility of a life changing injury and their opportunities for leisure are becoming more limited and stressful.”

The committee meeting recording is not available online.

In a report to the committee this month, Manzira also said: “This campaign is aimed at improving safety and the perception of safety for people, particularly vulnerable road users, who actively travel around the city, to encourage people to choose active travel options and progress essential modal shift,”

“An externally facilitated Behaviour Change Campaign Workshop examining some of the issues and potential solutions was carried out in October,” he said.

He added: “Next step is to commission a service provider to design the campaign based on the brief we have developed, to be launched in the summer.”

The office also said it is “developing Public Information Campaigns covering specific features of the Clontarf to City Centre project, to be launched early this year.”

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