Construction to start on extension of Docklands two-way cycle path up to O’Connell Bridge

Dublin City Council has said that the planned George’s Quay to Aston Quay cycle path, part of the interim Liffey Cycle Route project, “will start construction soon”.

A spokesperson for the council said: “Some minor works are starting in the next few days. Some lane closures will start over the next two weeks. Temporary traffic management plans are being finalised at the moment and will be emailed and available on the website in due course.”

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They added: “Public Information leaflets will be distributed to local residents and businesses located directly adjacent to the scheme next week.”

Artist’s impressions of the project:

Project drawings can be found on the previous article about the project on this website, or on the project page on the council’s website.

As previously reported, the two-way cycle path will start at the southeast corner of O’Connell Bridge at Burgh Quay and link with the existing two-way cycle path on City Quay.

The existing South Docklands path in turn links to the cycle routes on Lombard Street East, North Wall Quay, the Royal Canal Route and the Grand Canal Cycleway via Grand Canal Square. At the Talbot Memorial Bridge, the two-way path will also link to the contra-flow cycle path which extends around Customs House to Busáras.

The two-way path and the footpath extensions which will make the path accessible for the first time in decades require the removal of a smaller section of taxi rank and parking spaces and the removal of a traffic lane between City Quay and O’Connell Bridge.

Access to the two-way cycle path at O’Connell Bridge seems to be only from O’Connell Bridge southbound, and there’s no clear way of joining the route from Westmorland Street without looping around the bridge.

A partly sub-standard width with-flow cycle track will also extend from the two-way path at Burgh Quay on the east side of the bridge to Aston Place part-way down Aston Quay before Ha’penny Bridge, where there will be a traffic light-controlled switchback to the building side.

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  1. The George’s Quay part of this will be very welcome. I hope they are sensible about the sequencing of the traffic lights and allow cyclists and pedestrians cross together (they do anyway)

    • My first thoughts too! Hope they make it easier for cyclists to turn right onto the bridge as currently that is challenging.


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