Hit-and-run driver leaves man in ditch with serious injuries on St Patrick’s Day

A man cycling on the N59 in Co Galway was knocked down and seriously injured by a hit-and-run driver yesterday, St Patrick’s Day.

The collision which resulted in the man being hospitalised with serious injuries after he was left in a ditch with parts of the driver’s Land Rover Discover beside his head.

An appeal has been made by the man’s wife for people to contact her or Gardaí at Salthill with any details including camera footage.

His wife said in a post on Instagram that they know the Land Rover Discovery was six years old from the debris found under her husband’s head after he was left in a ditch.

On her Instagram she wrote: “Do you know anyone that drives a gold/silver Land Rover Discovery (over 6 years old) possibly in the Barna/Furbo/Moycullen area?”

She said: “This vehicle was involved in a hit and run this afternoon at 2.15pm on the N59 Moycullen road at the Barna exit,” she said when posting yesterday. “My husband, Enda, was hospitalised with serious injuries.”

“Please share and be vigilant. There is damage to the rear, left hub of the vehicle. Please DM me or contact Gardaí at Salthill Garda Station. Thanks!,” she said.

She added: “Thanks to all those for sharing. This is the type of vehicle. We know it’s older than 6 years from the debris left under his head! Eye witnesses think it’s a gold colour. Forgot to mention, Enda was on his bike! He’s lucky to have survived.”

A spokesperson at the Garda Press Office said: “Gardaí are investigating a road traffic collision between a jeep and a bicycle which occurred at Tooreeny in Moycullen, Co.Galway on Sunday afternoon, 17th March 2024 at approximately 2.30pm.”

“The driver of the jeep failed to remain at the scene,” they said.

The spokesperson added: “A male cyclist received treatment at University Hospital Galway for injuries which are not believed to be life-threatening. Enquiries are ongoing.”


  1. Hit and runs are getting too frequent now. Time for a change in the law to come down harder on those caught mandatory jail and disqualification

  2. Does not bear thinking about

    Our courts need to wake up and hand down sensible penalties

    May the cyclist make a speedy recovery

  3. I’d imagine every cyclist reading this is thinking, “there but for the grace of God goes I” as near misses happen to us all several times daily (e.g. when drivers take a right turn in front , or to the side of us, narrowly missing us, when we have a clear green light and they have either a red or black denying them a right to turn). The Guards have to begin prosecuting such things. They prosecute cyclists for breaking lights.


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