Government reviewing “financial incentives for cyclists outside of the Cycle to Work”

The Department of Transport had said that it is set to start to engage with the Department of Finance on “financial incentives for cyclists outside of the Cycle to Work scheme” after such efforts failed to bear fruit last year.

The response was given after asked if there was any update on the civil service allowance rate per km, which is much higher for driving vs cycling.

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In 2022, the Government increased the mileage allowance for civil service for driving a car from 20 cent to 51.82 cent per km, but the bicycle rate has been fixed at 8 cent per km for well over a decade.

A Department of Public Expenditure and Reform spokesperson said in 2022 that it would be reviewed in early 2023.

Today, a spokesperson for the Department of Transport said: “The Department of Transport engaged with the Department of Finance ahead of Budget 2024 with a view to developing some financial incentives for cyclists outside of the Cycle to Work scheme.”

“Unfortunately, these incentives did not advance for inclusion in the Budget 2024. However, preparation for Budget 2025 has already begun and Departmental officials are currently preparing submissions in this regard,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added: “The Department is hopeful that progress will be made this year.”

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  1. My wife and I are about to purchase 2 new e bikes. Does this mean that there would be a rebate on purchases made in 2025 ?

    • Nothing will likely be firmly known until Budget time later this year and sorry to say that it’s unlikely to include a rebate or any incentive which applies retrospectively.

  2. I think that’s a really worthy idea Martin.
    I have a friend with disabilities who finds it difficult getting from e.g. supermarkets and other essential services to the bus stop. She has said that getting financial assistance for mobility-wheelchairs, Buggy’s or scooters appears to be less about the extent of your disability and more about ‘who you know.’ So, I researched the price of tricycles for her instead, but I found that anything suitable and reliable (because such people cant be doing running repairs) to be cost prohibitive for such people.


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