Are you a politician or professional dealing with cycling? Then the Utrecht Master Cycling Study Tour might be for you

The Utrecht Master Cycling Study Tour is planned to take place from June 24th to 26th, 2024.

It is open to politicians and professionals from any country whose work involves planning and designing for cycling or the general design of streets and roads. Study tours are immersive education, where attendees return home equipped with inspiration and knowledge to change their own areas.

The goal is to showcase everyday Dutch cycling and the cycling network which makes it possible, and to give you up-to-date insight into what is and isn’t good quality, including:

  • A focus on immersiveness – on-street explications, attendees experiencing Dutch cycling, and soaking in the Dutch cycling culture enabled by its infrastructure.
  • Elements of Dutch bicycle networks, from landmark projects to everyday cycling.
  • Normal design elements such as Dutch bicycle priority roundabouts and the use of residential streets as traffic-calmed cycle routes.
  • Landmark projects include a school built into a walking and cycling bridge, and the world’s largest bicycle parking unit.
  • Provision of bicycle parking in town/city centres and train stations.

Details and a form for registering your interest can be found at

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