Clampdown needed on coaches parking on new Dublin cycle path, says councillor

A clampdown is needed on coach drivers parking on new Dublin cycle path before it becomes the norm, a city councillor has said.

Cllr Donna Cooney (Green Party) said that she raised the issue with officials after complaints from members of the public.

She said: “These coaches parked on the new Alfie Byrne Road cycleway and removed cones placed there to park illegally with no permission, forcing children and others on bicycles out onto a busy road.”

“These pavements are not designed for heavy coaches either, so they can damage Dublin City Council’s public infrastructure,” she said.

Officials told Cllr Cooney that the council’s bus section has advised they have not given any permission for these coaches to be parked at the location.

So, it’s apparently not the same as when coach parking on the cycleway was previously enabled by a mix of the council, the National Transport Authority and Gardaí before protests by the I Bike Dublin campaign group put a stop to official misuse of the cycle path.

Cllr Cooney said that there needs to be enforcement rather than a huge amount of bollards on cycle paths. She added: “I’m concerned that if they are not fined then others will keep parking on the cycleway when there are concerts on in the area.”

Officials told her that road markings and signs will be added to the cycle path.


  1. I wonder was it because their British coaches and bus lanes for them are normally a different colour for them. Also don’t see any cycle lane signage but still shouldn’t be parking there pity the main nta coach park is not open all the time or big enough to takethese coaches.

  2. Two offences there:
    1. parking on a cycle track during its period of operation
    2. driving up/along it in order to park (it has a kerb).


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