Bus Éireann says it will not remove bicycle fee on ‘commercial’ Expressway routes, but two private bus companies have no bike charge

Bus Éireann has said that it will not remove its bicycle carrying fee on its Expressway services because it is “operated on a commercial basis and receives no state subvention,” but two private bus companies have no bike charges.

Expressway services are often a vital part of the public transport offering between villages, towns and cities. In some cases, especially for shorter trips, the €5 each-way charge can amount to a significant cost on services. The fee is also charged on some routes which carry very little luggage on most buses.

Citylink, Aircoach, and GoBus also charge €5, but JJ Kavanagh and Matthews both carry bicycles for free. All are subject to space.

As reported earlier this week, Bus Éireann removed its €10 each-way bicycle fee on the Public Obligation Services it operates, which can carry bicycles, after Labour Party leader Ivana Bacik raised the issue.

Deputy Bacik, a Dublin TD, told this website earlier this week: “Labour believes in sensible policies and a Just Transition. That means that no one should face a financial penalty for choosing more sustainable commuter options. It is wonderful news that we will now see the ridiculous and unnecessary €10 charge removed for transportation of bicycles, buggies, and pushchairs, following my representations to Bus Éireann.”

She added: “I am grateful to the NTA and Bus Éireann for their positive engagement on this and their acceptance of the need to change. We need more of this kind of constructive change, in recognition of modern multi-modal methods of travel.”

Yesterday afternoon, a spokesperson for Bus Éireann said: “The National Transport Authority has approved the removal of the €10.00 bicycle in transit charge on Bus Éireann public service (PSO) routes. Consequently, the €10.00 charge currently in place for the carriage of bicycles which do not meet the ‘accompanying luggage’ conditions has been dropped from Sunday, 7th April 2024.”

“The removal of the charge will also apply to the carriage of additional luggage and non-folding child pushchairs,” they said.

Bus Éireann said: “The €5.00 charge does remain, however, on Expressway services for bicycles. Expressway is operated on a commercial basis and receives no state subvention.”

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