Vanishing bus stop “removed by a local resident on a regular basis” reported to Gardaí

A case of a vanishing bus stop that Dublin Bus investigation found is being “removed by a local resident on a regular basis” has been reported to Gardaí

The bus stop poll on Watermill Drive in Raheny has been replaced twice since late February, the National Transport Authority has said. It is currently missing from its official location, but it shows up in the real-time timetable system. Bus stops in estates in Dublin are often only marked with a bus stop pole.

There is a process of stop rationalisation under BusConnects, which involves removing bus stops that are viewed as being too close together to provide a more reliable bus service, but this is unrelated.

Cllr Donna Cooney (Green Party) said: “When you get emails saying a bus stop has been removed, you assume it is the NTA or Dublin bus that has decided to remove the bus stop. So, I was completely aghast to hear that a resident had not once but repeatedly removed the bus stop.”

“I had been contacted by older residents who found it difficult to get to the next bus stop. I’ve requested a replacement bus stop from NTA and suggested a tracking device. I’ve also written to Raheny Garda to investigate this with Dublin Bus,” Cllr Cooney said.

In an email to the councillor, Dublin Bus said: “Our Operations Team has investigated the complaint relating to bus stop 4386. The investigation found that the bus stop is being removed by a local resident on a regular basis.”

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The company added: “Dublin Bus is responsible for the operation of bus services, while the National Transport Authority (NTA) holds ownership of the bus stops. Dublin Bus has reported this matter to the NTA.”

A spokesperson for the National Transport Authority said that it has reported the issue to the Gardaí.

“This is not a new bus stop and has been in situ for some decades. It currently serves customers on H spine services. The pole has been replaced twice since late February, the cost of which is not insignificant,” an NTA spokesperson said.

“Cost includes both materials (pole, flag, carousel, socket, concrete) and the labour necessary to undertake the work”, the said.

The spokesperson added: “The matter has been reported to An Garda Siochana. We will continue to work with Dublin Bus, Dublin City Council and an Garda Siochana to ensure passengers are not discommoded.”

While not commenting on the incident directly, a spokesperson at the Garda Press Office has said: “All reported instances of criminal damage and theft undergo comprehensive investigation by An Garda Síochána.”


  1. Would it be a resident who feels their constitutional right to park their car outside their property on the public highway is being impinged upon by the presence of a bus stop?

      • Tongue, cheek.
        Sadly too many vehicle owners in Ireland have developed this to such a fine art that they have been able to influence their councils to effectively support footpath parking, fight installation of Double Yellow Lines, bike lanes etc. Pretty much anything that might mean they had to walk a few metres to their vehicle – as would be the norm in most developed countries across Europe.

  2. Correction: The bus-stop is on Watermill Drive, not Watermill Road as stated in the article.

    Also, the owner of the house has room to park their car off-street but chooses to park directly in front of their house, and so that bus-stop was in their way.

    Also, likely not unrelated in the mind of the perpetrator; on-road ‘parking spaces’ were lost/taken away just a few meters away due to bollards for school safety.

  3. Looking at the filled in hole that is not a plug socket used on new style stops and looks like it was recently opened and filled by the contractor not a resident.
    Stops like this are an ssue with no road markings as cars and vans often park in them .maybe time for the nta to formalise that stop as I suspect if it’s a resident taking the pole from the proper socket nearby then it’s due to parking issues

  4. Anyone looking to source a fine bus stop? I’m your man (Just got a load in from Raheny (offa’ some lunatic) Get it now, cos, “when these bus stops are gone – they’re gone.” As for the lunatic who took them, he’s “definately” gone (You’ve gotta laugh sometime).


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