Where you can get the Cycling in Dublin newspaper

You should be able to find Cycling in Dublin in print at the following locations. If you want it stocked somewhere or if there are no copies left at any of the below please let us know, we will re/stock them or take them off the list. Please email or tweet @cyclingindublin or post a comment below or on Facebook — thank you.

Over 90% of the papers are out, here’s the locations covered so-far; recently stocked locations in bold:

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“This is not a bicycle”

Inspired by Flickr slideshow: If the slideshow does not work for you, you can also view the set of photos on Flickr.

Grand Canal bike lights to be turned on; here’s how they work

Dublin City Council has confirmed the date for when its experimental bicycle traffic lights on the Canals Cycle Route are to switched on. It said on twitter on Thursday: “We begin switching the Canal Cycle Way junction lights on from 14th March.”

Bellow is the traffic light sequence explained (image from Dublin City Council’s blog; text by

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