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Your help is needed to offer the Cycling in Dublin newspaper for free to as many readers as possible around Dublin for Bike Week 2013. If the below text does not answer all of your questions you can also email or ask on Twitter or Facebook.

What content will it include?  Mainly feature articles about cycling in Dublin and the future of cycling in Dublin… we’re still open to suggestions

Will the content be just like this website? No, not really. This site is mainly news and blog posts, while the paper will be focused on features covering issues in more detail.

How will it be funded? Via by people, groups and businesses who want to support the idea.

What is It’s a “crowdfunding” site – Basically allows many different people and businesses to fund projects from media and publishing to helping bands record albums. It’s run by Business To Arts Ltd who have solid backing. See:

What will the money be spent on? The costs for the project include printing the paper, interviewing people, writing the articles, taking and sourcing photographs, designing the publication, putting everything together, and distributing the final product. It also includes paying a sub-editor to proof the paper.

How many copies of the paper will be printed? 10,000 copies.

How will the paper be distributed? Read the details here. If you have any suggestions or if you’re interested in stocking anything from a 5 to 100 copies of the paper please contact

Who’s behind this? Do they have experience producing a newspaper?   Cycling in Dublin is being produced by freelance journalist Cian Ginty. You can find more about his experience here.

So, it will just be one person’s view? No, far from it. The one of the main feature articles will be about getting opinions from a wide range of different cyclists and different types of cyclists and, with other features, the aim will be to include different views on each subject.

How large will the paper be? And what size? The paper is to be printed in colour with a minimum of 28 pages in the size range known as ‘tabloid’ or ‘compact’.

Will advertisers or those who fund more get a say in the content of articles? No more than anybody else. Money won’t change the content of articles. Suggestions are welcome from anybody by emailing Ideas and feedback will be considered regardless if you have or have not supported the project on

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