Below is a list of greenway and other off-road cycle routes in Ireland — it is a work in progress. Map to follow. Please send updates, corrections, or missing details to or just comment below.

Last updated: February 25, 2014

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Grey background on the first column above shows sub-sections of routes.


AVS = At various stages

Open = Most major works finished

DUE = Construction due to start
UC = Under construction

Planning = In planning; from earlier stages to official planning

GREY (proposals only)
PBC = Proposed by campaigners
IDP = In county/city development plan
GDA CN = in Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network plan


  1. Hi regarding the Inchicore to Lucan greenway, I was looking into using that as a way to work recently and it would be ideal- such a lovely route. But because my bike has paniers I had to dismount and lift the bike back wheels over the barriers 8 times in a small distance. That’s nuts!
    Surely if they want to encourage bicycle commuters, thay have to realise that many people will have paniers since they will do their shopping on the way to or from work. Grrrrr

  2. eccelent point,also,when does the route ever get swept to clear all the broken glass off it.

  3. They made them so narrow to keep the motorbikes off

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