Changing gears for a better Dublin

DSC00037After two decades spent striving to improve the city for cyclists, the Dublin Cycling Campaign is more ambitious than ever, they tell Cian Ginty of their quest to fill the streets with bikes

When you hear some politicians and radio broadcasters speak of Dublin’s cycling lobby it draws the image of hired guns running around city hall after councillors or over at Kildare Street in weekly meetings with TDs.

The way some talk about it, the all powerful lobby gets everything. The reality is quite different.

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Politicians want bikes allowed on Luas trams off-peak

A Luas tram off-peak
A Luas tram off-peak

A majority of politicians who responded to a Cycling in Dublin survey said they wanted bicycles to be allowed on Luas outside of rush hour.

A total of 76% (45) said they would support bikes on Luas “off-peak or when it’s not busy.” Just 15% (9) were unsupportive of the idea and the final 8.5% were neutral on the issue.

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66% of Dublin politicians support changing quays for cycle route

The quays in 2008
Dublin’s quays in 2008

A planned cycle route from the Phoenix Park to Point Village seems to have strong political backing.

A survey conducted by Cycling in Dublin shows that the Dublin TDs and councillors who responded support the route, including “reconfiguring the quays”. Just under 36% said they supported the route, while 30% strongly supported it. Only 5% were unsupportive, while 30% remained neutral.

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