Cork, Galway, Limerick bike schemes move forward

A photomontage showing how the Cork bike scheme could look like

City councils in Cork, Galway and Limerick are push ahead with planning for the regional bike schemes

Two of the three of the respective councils have published proposed station locations and photomontages of their schemes today and yesterday:

  • Cork (details of public display only)
  • Galway (locations and photomontage)
  • Limerick (locations and photomontage)

Local media around the country were today reporting on some details:

The schemes are currently out to tender to build and run, as we reported two weeks ago:

…planned regional city bike share schemes for Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford being promoted by the National Transport Authority. That tendering process is at the pre-qualification stage – the companies selected are expected to provide submissions detailing their bids to run the schemes before the end of September.

Meanwhile the NUI Galway scheme which we reported on here and here, is now open to registrations at and here’s a video NUI Galway released about their system:

Take a SPIN around campus from NUI Galway on Vimeo.