Irish regional city bike share to carry Coca-Cola brand

Press release from the Department of Transport:


Coca-Cola Ireland Selected as partner for the Schemes

‘A breakthrough day for cycling in Ireland’

Public Transport Minister, Alan Kelly has today announced details of new bike-share schemes for the cities of Cork, Limerick and Galway.

The schemes, which will be the first of their kind in the cities, will allow potential cyclists to use bikes for either free or at a low cost and take/leave them at various docking stations throughout the cities. The roll out of the schemes is being made possible following an agreement by Coca-Cola Ireland to partner with the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport, the NTA and the Cities of Cork, Galway and Limerick on this important initiative which will be operational in July 2014.
The schemes will be carried out by the National Transport Authority (NTA) in partnership with Coca-Cola Ireland and will be known as ‘Coke Zero Bikes’.

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Cork, Galway, Limerick bike schemes move forward

A photomontage showing how the Cork bike scheme could look like

City councils in Cork, Galway and Limerick are push ahead with planning for the regional bike schemes

Two of the three of the respective councils have published proposed station locations and photomontages of their schemes today and yesterday:

Cycling today in Ireland – highlights from Census 2011

Cycling increased almost 10% nationally between the 2006 and 2011 censuses. From limited data available before last week, we previously reported there was a 26% increase in cycling in Dublin.

Last week the Central Statistics Office released its report on commuting which outlines a fuller picture and gives a breakdown of trends in the last three decades. Here’s some of the key bits on cycling from the census data and the report…

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