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Over 50% of daily trips in Ireland are less than 3km

The image below shows how short trips of under 3km make up a large percentage of journeys taken daily in Ireland. These are trips which should be easily walked or cycled by most people, but nearly 50% or more of these are currently made by car.

 Graphed: Irish students hopping from bicycles to cars

Graphs redefined from the NTA National Household Travel Survey 2012 — read the summary of the survey, or dig into the full report.

Household-Travel-Survey edited A


  1. It is all rather depressing half the nation is turning into lazy sods. I can see it everywhere in my own neighbourhood of Dublin which is a small working class area . Most of the people I know either personally or at least to see. They drive their Cars to the very local schools to send or collect their children to the School rather than walk or Bike in some cases which is only a few hundred metres away.

    I have noticed others bringing their children to the local park by car to play Football or Hurling which again is only within two km away from their Homes. It would be easier to walk there rather than wasting the Petrol getting there.Another phenomenon is the appearance of the parents ,they are all starting to get fat.


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