Artist’s impressions of key city centre streets from draft Dublin City study

The following images are from the NTA City Centre Transport Assessment Study:

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Artist’s impressions

Westmoreland Street:

Westmoreland Street

Westmoreland Street to College Green:

Westmoreland Street to College Green

College Green:

College Green

Suffolk Street:

Suffolk Street

D’Olier Street:

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D’Olier Street


Christchurch A

Christchurch, view no 2:

Christchurch B

Westland Row:

Westland Row

Beresford Place:

Beresford Place


Current vs artist impressions

College Green:

College Green vs current

Westmorland Street

Westmoreland Street vs current

Suffolk Street:

Suffolk Street vs current


Christchurch vs current


Outline maps

College Green area:

College Green area map

Custom House Quay area:

Customs House Quay area map


  1. I realise these are just “Indicative designs” but there’s not really much to get excited about around Amiens street and Memorial Road; no space allocated to cyclists.

    Also what happens to a cyclist coming off the two way cycle track at the end of Westmoreland Street towards college green? Is there going to be provision for cycling on the Luas Tracks?

    And is there really any change for cyclists at Beresford Place?
    Bus Lanes aren’t really a nice option considering you have to share them with aggressive Bus and Taxi drivers.

    • I’d share your concerns and go further to say the outlined layout around Custom House and on Dame Street / College Green is worse for cyclists than what’s in place right now.

      The above and the first story covering the contents of the report is just about a making the report public — news coverage without any comment or analyzes. I would have liked to have comment from different groups, coverage of more of the detail of the study and some of my own comment on the drawings a but my own lack of time did not allow for this all in one.


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