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€4m for Dublin to Galway greenway

Part of the Mullingar-Athlone railway, most of the disused railway branch will be converted into a greenway

It was confirmed yesterday that the government are to spend €4 million on the Athlone to Mullingar section of the planned Dublin to Galway greenway which will mostly follow the Royal Canal.

Stealing the thunder from the junior transport minister Alan Kelly who was set to make an announcement at around 11am today, a Fine Gael councilor and candidate for the Longford-Westmeath bye-election confirmed the spend on the project.

Cllr Gabrielle McFadden said in a statement on her website: “I am delighted to confirm €4m in funding to develop the Mullingar-Athlone cycleway project, full details of which will be announced later in the week.”

She added: “It’s clear that Westmeath County Council and all the stakeholders in this project are being justly rewarded for their efforts in expediting the initial plans for this section of the national route.”


  1. Nice if it comes to pass after the Elections when the present lot are voted out.Pressure must be applied to all of them the Politicians to see this through no matter who they are..

  2. Has anyone noticed an increase in 5 axle or more trucks ignoring the ban on entering the canal corridors during the mornings?This morning during my commute I counted 5 trucks all heading towards the city centre at around 8.15 between Kilaminham and the Quays.Has anyone ever seen a Guard stopping these trucks?

    • Thanks — Fixed now. And for the record, the original article included the line: “She added…”.

      The error was from using the spelling of her name in the statement on her website. Her website site still states:

      “Fine Gael candidate for the Longford-Westmeath bye-election, Cllr Gabriel McFadden, has warmly welcomed the approval of €4m in Government funding to develop the Athlone-Mullingar section of a planned national cycleway.”


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