Any progress on the Royal Canal Greenway in Dublin?

Royal Canal Greenway Cycle Route – Status of Sections April 2014:

Note: Ashtown to Castleknock section ‘complete’ status is incorrect, the project was delayed and is now due to be finished by June 20 (thanks to Damien Carbery for the correction).

Michael-Aherne Royal Canal slide

Sections from Maynooth to the Docklands are being designed and, later this year, at least two sections are going to ‘part 8’, the planning process used by local councils to build cycle routes — it includes public consultation.

Here’s the status details, section-by-section:

  1. Guild Street to Sheriff Street – complete
  2. Sheriff Street to North Strand – stakeholder report complete – part 8 by October 2014?
  3. North Strand Road to Phibsborough – options under review – part 8 by end of 2014?
  4. Phibsborough to Ashtown – options under review
  5. Ashtown to Castleknock – complete [as a comment notes below — this complete status is incorrect, the project was delayed and is now due to be finished by June 20]
  6. Castleknock to FCC/KCC (Dublin/Kildare) Border – feasibility done and some design work done – deep sinking portion costly
  7. (Dublin/Kildare) Border to Maynooth – feasibility done – next stage preliminary design

The image comes from a presentation by Michael Aherne at the National Transport Authority (see part 1 and part 2). He presented it recently at the Local Authority Seminar which was part of the European Cyclists’ Federation AGM in Dublin.

(Note: Question marks included in image)

Image: Michael Aherne / NTA; OpenStreet Maps; CC-BY-SA


  1. I spoke with Naomi Rooney of FCC and she told me the following: Ashtown to Castleknock is due to reopen on June 20th. ESB are there at the moment, installing lights and CCTV. Then the greenway surface will be laid (they are doing that at the end so that no heavy machinery drives on it).

  2. Thanks — I’ve corrected the error in the text.

    I has should have spotted the mistake in the NTA image as I only read the thread about the delay in the last week.

  3. The Cycleway is still blocked between Jones Road and Dorset St. But you can use it between Nth Strand Road and Jones Road. They have a Kissing Gate erected already for over a year between Newcomen Bridge Nth Strand and the main Belfast line Railway Bridge and there is no path there yet.


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