Irish Cycle Facility of the Week

June 9, 2014:


At this junction, too many people on bicycles were choosing to rejoin the road rather than be pedestrianise and be directed to the pedestrian-only crossing. But this caused problems so this high-standard Irish junction received an Irish solution — railing were extended were extended to block people from re-joining the road.

An optional extra option is to wait at the yield markings where the black-top cycle path ends — the railing might just move out of your way, you never know.

Images: Annette Boles
Location:  N81 at southbound at Tallaght Stadium/Tallaght Village
Local body/authority: South Dublin County Council
Street View: Current view shows the above

Send suggestions to And make sure to view the original and UK-focused facility of the month page on Warrington Cycle Campaign’s website.

Cian Ginty
I am editor of and have reported on and commented on cycling in Ireland for over a decade. My background is in journalism -- I have a BA in Journalism from DCU and HDip in Print Journalism from BCFE. I wrote about cycling for national newspapers, and then started for overflow stories. Later the website was re-branded to reflect a more national focus.


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