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Cycling popularity pushes bicycle theft up 70% in Limerick

Garda bicycles
Officers from a bicycle unit in Dublin recovering bicycles

A down side to Limerick being Ireland’s “Smarter Travel Demonstration City” is the increase in bicycle theft which comes with the increasing popularity of cycling in the city.

Gardai say that people who are not used to locking their bicycles in the city will have to change their behaviour or risk their bicycle being stolen.

“Bike crime unfortunately is up 70% so far this year and bicycles are being stolen literally all around the city. Some People are locking their bikes, some people are not locking their bikes and opportunistic thieves are coming along and taking them,” the limerickleader.ie quoted Superintendent Dan Keane.

It is part of “Operation Disruption” which limerickleader.ie has further details on.

The newspaper’s website also reports that Limerick’s Garda bike registration scheme will be “officially launched in the coming weeks.” As far as we know such as scheme — which aims to enable gardai to return recovered bicycles to their owners — only operates in that city and at two Dublin stations, the Bridewell Garda Station and Donnybrook Garda Station.

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  1. A limiting factor in greater uptake of everyday cycling is the risk posed by theft when bikes cost from upwardfs of €500 to replace. Garda will have to treat it more seriously as a crime since it is so rampant. If the same numbers of cars were being stolen there would be uproar.
    Local Autnorities will have to provide more secure bike parking stands (Sheffield-hoop style).
    Plenty of advbice about bike theft on Dublin Cycling Campaign web-pages: http://dublincycling.ie/cycling/tips-how-avoid-bike-theft
    Buy-and-sell sites will have to insist that advertisers of bikes provide the bike frame registration number before accepting an advert. That number to form part of the advert.

  2. Dont forget securing your Saddle too although it is not so bad here yet In Ireland. You could be left with your Bike in situe but your nice new Brooks Saddle could be gone for the hop. Make it at least difficult for them by putting a cable through it or maybe a small lock and Chain.

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