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Irish Cycle Facility of the Week

November 17, 2014:


Cycle lane on Westland Row, outside the main entrance to Pearse Train Station, was upgraded a short time ago when the roadway was resurfaced. The cycle lane was widened (it looks around 2 meters wide now) and it was changed from a dashed advisory line lane to a solid lined lane which cars are not allowed to enter. Expect outside of the operational hours of the lane, which is far from 24 hours.


It’s a stark improvement from the previous design shown above (even if red tar colouring or red chippings mixed in the tar would have been even better)…


…But outside of the operational hours it becomes nearly a full-time taxi rank.

Images: IrishCycle.com
Location:  Westland Row, Dublin
Local body/authority: Dublin City Council
Street View: Current view shows before upgrade

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  1. I have never understood the part time bicycle lanes. It should be either a bicycle lane full time or it is not. I cannot recall seeing this anywhere else than in Ireland.

  2. If you go past the place during the day you will see cars regularly parked in the lane, especially out side the college of music. I think the part time cycle lane is probably to go along with the part time law enforcement!


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