Proof: Shopping by bicycle is possible in Ireland and Northern Ireland

We have searched for all of the #shopbybike competition entries on Facebook, Twitter, and via email, and now posted them below. Thanks to The Cambridge Raincoat and for their support in promoting the idea of shopping by bicycle.

The judges will be busy soon looking over all of the entries. In the unlikely event that we missed posting any entries, please let us know!

There was a good mix across the country and of short and longer distance shopping…. Asking strangers to take the photo was not such a popular option, but fair play to Andrew Potts for doing so…


For our international readers, this is a bale of Irish peat briquettes:


Bicycles are even great for bulk shopping, like bulk noodle shopping:


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Even without pannier, bikes can carry a lot:

Brian Simpson send us his image of Christmas shopping by bike in Waterford City:

Facebook was popular for those making long-distance shop by bike trips:


Brian Simpson send us his image of Christmas shopping by bike in Waterford City:


Belfast was well represented:

There’s such a thing as Happy Men’s Christmas Shopping Day?

Even with a basket, handlebars can be handy:

Sadly, the editor’s entry is disqualified:

We’re unsure if it’s the stranger’s bike or not…

If it’s fully loaded, it’s even better than that you don’t use those silly top-bit-of-the-wheel-only racks pictured to the right of the image:

Clearly this reader entered as they are in need of a basket / create:

Shopping by bike is perfect for large expos at the RDS which has limited parking:

DublinBikes are also handy for shopping by bike:

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