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February 16, 2015:

Special guessing game walking and cycling edition: Who works down a road like this?

Above: A bit of illegal parking on an already narrow footpath.

A bit more illegal parking on a narrower section of the footpath.

What does that sign say?

Err, footpath ends? That’s a bit hard to read while traveling at up to 50km/h. High-vis comes in real handy here!

We’re getting close now… who could it be? Who works down this road? This image from Street View gives a clue.

The space widens here but there’s still no space made for cycle lanes on a road which has a fare amount of HGV traffic to the business park and another business after it.

We get to the pedestrian gate — which is locked and is locked more than once in visits over a few months. While the carriageway gate is opened.

This is the pedestrian gate on the opposite side of the carriageway gate. There’s no need for a lock on this side, because — as this close up shows — the gate is welded shut.

Who works down a road like this?

It’s the headquarters of the Road Safety Authority.

Bonus image from Street View:


This isn’t exactly an uber-rural location. The first image above is just 600 meters from the Post Office in the centre of Ballina. The gates are less than 1km from the town’s central Post Office.

Location: Primrose Hill, Ballina, Co. Mayo
Local body/authority: Mayo County Council
Street View: Currently as shown in images

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  1. But sure aren’t we the best small country in the World in which to do business for which read light touch regulation coupled with inadequate detection and enforcement!

  2. It really puts the whole mindset of the organisation into perspective. I wonder if they have a “smarter travel workplace travel plan” as per the NTA’s guidance.

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