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Paul writes: “Although the cycling lanes are quite good in this area I think there is an issue with this roundabout and the adjacent cycling lane that has fallen into disrepair.”

image2  image3


Google Street view shows one person on a bicycle taking a strange approach, while children in the background stick to the footpath:

castleknock roundabout

Images: Paul Corcoran and Google
Local body/authority: Fingal County Council 
Street View: Currently shows much the same as pictured above

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  1. The routing of the cycle lane around the outside edge of the roundabout is dangerous as it looks like the cyclist is turning left and motorists proceed to move, encroaching into the cycle lane. I generally use the car lane when going straight ahead.

  2. The cyclist in the street view picture is doing the right thing. That design brings the cyclists very close to the yield markings for the entry coming in from the right. This is exactly where you don’t want to be on an Irish roundabout as about half the collisions with cyclists involve entering cars hitting cyclists already on the roundabout. You need to tackle the roundabout exactly like a car and be in the main traffic stream.


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