Belfast project looks at restoring cargo bicycle for community use

When living car-free many people borrow or rent a car when they need to transport larger items, but one Belfast-based bicycle user has come up with a novel approach — a crowdsourced Belfast Community Cargo Bike.

With the Belfast Community Cargo Bike the idea is that the bike will be provided for the Belfast area utility bicycle community who support the project on — for the likes of moving house, moving people, or an unusually large bit of cargo, like lager power tools or boxes which won’t fit on the average bicycle.

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Ellen Murray explains on “I’ve frequently been frustrated since getting rid of my car that I just couldn’t carry enough on my bicycle, whether that was an appliance, boxes or a friend or loved one. I’ve been looking for an affordable large cargo bike for a while now, and am interested in providing something that many people can use, since I don’t need it all the time.”

Seeking just a total of £500 (€682), the project is based on buying and refitting an older cargo bike. Ellen plans to update the bike by adding a 7-speed internal hub gearing system, as well as a new lighting system, brakes, handlebars and saddle.

She adds: “I want to raise £500 to buy and restore a cargo bike that’s currently available for sale in Northern Ireland. It needs some work but is a terrifically sturdy machine, and would be very useful to the many people who’ve told me they share their frustrations about bicycle cargo. It is capable of carrying over 100kg of cargo, so is more than OK for shuttling kids (or adults) around, or for moving house on.

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