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Ghost bike removed under Dublin City abandoned bicycle scheme

A ghost bicycle in memory of a cyclist killed in 2009 beside the Robert Emmet Bridge at Harold’s Cross in Dublin was removed today under a council scheme to tackle abandoned bicycles.

The ghost bike was erected in the memory of Zu Zhang Wong (27) who was killed in a collision beside the Grand Canal on January 14, 2009. According to ghostbikes.org: “He was cycling straight at the junction at Harold’s Cross Bridge and was hit by the cement truck which was turning left. A Ghostbike was placed at the scene of the collision exactly one month later.”

An image (shown below) posted to Twitter last month shows that the bicycle was tagged under Dublin City Council’s new abandoned bicycles tagging and removal scheme, and a second image posted on Broadsheet.ie today shows what seems to be at least one or two council workers removing the bicycle.

The city council has so-far only acknowledged a request for comment.

Mike McKillen, a spokesperson for Cyclist.ie, said that he hopes that the council consulted with the victim’s family before removing the bicycle. He said: “Roadside shrines to other road users seem to be respected — why should a tribute to a cyclist be any different?”

Here’s the Ghost Bike looking fresher before it was erected, pictured in the now closed Square Wheel Cycleworks in Temple Bar:

IMAGES: Recent image thanks to Paul Reynolds; Square Wheel image by IrishCycle.com.
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  1. I read one of these notices in city centre last week. It said the bicycle will be removed unless the owner removes the notice within x day/weeks. Perhaps removal of the bicycle could’ve been avoided or at least delayed by removal of the notice?


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