1,000 sign for fully segregated Clontarf to City Centre Cycle Route

IMAGE: The Clontarf Route -- which starts at Amiens Street -- is one of the two routes which are delayed.

Over 1,000 people have signed a petition — started by IrishCycle.com — looking for a fully segregated Clontarf to City Centre Cycle Route. The route runs between the existing coastal path at Clontarf and the city centre, via Fairview and North Strand.

The petition at my.uplift.ie asks the council to drop it’s current plan for non-continuous cycle tracks which mixes cycling with buses, heavy traffic, and pedestrians. It looks instead for the council to reinstate its original plan for a fully segregated two-way cycle path.

Among the reasons people have given for signing include:

“This is a thoroughly unpleasant and unsafe cycle route at the moment. I don’t think we should wait for a fatality before deciding to put in high quality cycle facilities” — Paul C.

“All ages and abilities. It should be safe and a delight to cycle into the heart of the city. Reclaim the space for people” —Anthony D.

“I cycle 20km round trip every day and on the 2km stretch from Fairview to 5 lamps I feel I’m putting my life at risk more than any other stage of my route. This with existing non-segregated cycle lanes so laying down new non-segregated would be just as bad” — Oisin O.

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