Our submission on the Clontarf to City Centre Cycle Route Part 8

On Thursday IrishCycle.com made a submission to the Part 8 public consultation on the Clontarf to City Centre Cycle Route — attached to our submission was the petition signed by readers and others looking for a fully segregated route, and the original consultant’s report which recommended a two-way cycle route as the best option.

The route should be viewed as a strategic project in terms of tourism, health, the environment, and access to cycling for all ages and abilities. But, possibly, the main reason is the transport benefits — the route should enable the best use of existing street space to move more people in a cost and space effective manor.

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The new route will link the northern section of the Dublin Bay (Sutton to Sandycove) cycle route to the city centre. While the existing route has the second highest volume of cyclists entering the city centre, its poor safety issues need to be addressed — cycling doesn’t mix with buses and taxis, and, in that regard, over 1,530 people have now signed the petition looking for the route to be fully segregated.

The current design planned by the council is not safe, not attractive and not the best use of space available. People are fed up with low quality designs of cycle routes — we can and must do better.

We have also emailed the submission directly to councillors and TDs around the areas linked to the route.

We are asking councillors to:

  • (A) Approve the route ONLY if councillors can make it a condition that it must be redesigned as a two-way cycle path. Or, if that is not allowed for within the Part 8 process, to:
  • (B) Reject the current Part 8 proposals and ask the council CEO to redesign the route as a two-way cycle path.

As the project is a strategic one to the city and region, we area also asking TDs to raise the issue any way they see fit (be it with the minister or making representations to the council or discussing the matter with councillors they work with etc).

* the petition was sent in as part of the Part 8 public consultation when it stood at 1,493 signatures, it has since passed 1,500 signatures.


  1. Well said. Your point about this being a strategic route can’t, IMO, be over-stressed. At the moment the route is already heavily used by people on bikes even in it’s current crappy/dangerous form. Making it safe and segregated for ALL AGES will be a massive benefit for everyone (health, environment, economics, congestion, noise, pollution).

    Also there’s already going to be an up-kick in numbers using this route with the imminent completion of the northern section of the S2S. It’s really madness to not get the section from Clontarf to town correct first time.

  2. Great submission…..emphasising the depth of feling about this flawed design, and also mirroring the number of separate submissions made by Dublin Cycling Cmapiagn and many individuals. WELL DONE! Lets hope we get the required full design review!


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