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Waterford Greenway extended 1.5km to Waterford’s quays

— Work also on-going on cycle paths within Waterford city centre.
— Bilberry to Waterford city link will eventually run closer to the River Suir.

A new walking and cycling path is now open between the eastern end of the Waterford Greenway and Waterford city centre — effectively extending the greenway 1.5km into Waterford city centre.

IMAGE: A map of the new link.

Waterford City and County Council are still putting the finishing touches to the link but, as the images below shows, the route was usable this weekend. The work includes widening an existing footpath (making them shared), and making a section of the road one-way for motorists (currently alternating, controlled by traffic lights).

As we previously reported, the long-term proposal is to run this section of the Waterford Greenway closer to the banks of the River Suir.

At the start of this year, Paul Daly, director of services at the roads section of Waterford City & County Council, said: “The Bilberry to Waterford City section of the Waterford Greenway will have an interim solution while we go through procedures for a long term solution. The interim solution will be a segregated and safe cycle/footpath on the existing road and footpaths from Rice Bridge to the Old Railway at Bilberry.”

The below are images were taken over the weekend (thanks to Eoghan O’Hara) and ‘before’ images are from Google Street View:

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Progress is also happening within Waterford city with work on-going to install cycle paths on narrow city streets — the works follow the Dutch method of making streets one-way for cars while allowing two-way cycling:

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