Irish cycling campaign urge voters to use #ibikeivote

Cycling campaigners are asking voters who cycle to polling stations tomorrow to take a photo of their bicycles and post it on social media using the hashtag #ibikeivote.

Tomorrow, Friday May 25, voters are being asked whether or not to approve the Thirtysixth Amendment to the Constitution Bill. The Thirtysixth Amendment is designed to repeal the Eight Amendment enacted in 1983, which gave equal rights to life to mothers and the unborn.

“Tomorrow we’re asking people to help us show that cyclists are also voters. Take a pic of your bike outside the polling station and share it with the hashtag #ibikeivote. And don’t forget to vote,” said the Dublin Cycling Campaign.

The Galway Cycling Campaign said: “So tomorrow in Galway, if you cycle to the polling station use the #ibikeivote. Take a photo of your bike OUTSIDE the polling station and share it with the hashtag #ibikeivote and #Referendum2018.”



  1. Great to see all the bikes here and great to see the result. Now we need to use the hashtag ibikeivote as they do in America to help voters change cycling policy by showing which candidates are pro or anti cycling. A few members of Dublin council have shown recently that they don’t deserve support from any cyclist even if the last time you were on a bike it had stabilizers and 8 inch wheels.
    PS my tandem seemed to be the only one shown.


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