Dublin Cycling Campaign “fed up with excuses” on cycle route delays

Campaigners said that they are determined to see a segregated Liffey Cycle Route built along Dublin’s quays and are to stage another protest next Sunday August 12, 2018.

The Dublin Cycling Campaign said: “You need to be aware that people are fed up with hearing excuses about why safe cycling infrastructure is not being rolled out across the city, and why it isn’t being done with a degree of urgency.”

The group said it will stage a family-friendly demonstration in support for the long-delayed Liffey Cycle Route. The protest cycle will start at Grand Canal Square at 11.00am on Sunday August 12, and the group will cycle along the quays and back to the Docklands.

In a letter to councillors, they said: “The Liffey Cycle Route was first proposed in 2011, and the intervening years have seen cycling boom in Dublin and across the country. The number of people cycling to work in Dublin has at least doubled since 2011 and our own studies have shown that twice as many people are now cycling Dublin’s Quays during the morning rush hour than are driving private cars.”

“Unfortunately the boom in people travelling by bicycle has not been matched by the provision of adequate cycling infrastructure, with projects such as the Liffey Cycle Route being repeatedly delayed by under-funding, over-complicated bureaucracy, and a complete lack of political will,” they said.

“Dublin’s streets are hostile to people on bikes, especially along the Quays, and the dangerous environment almost completely precludes children, the elderly, and the less able-bodied from cycling anywhere, at any time.”

MORE: Facebook page for the event.

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