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First councillors and candidates sign up to CyclingForAll.ie

Councillors from Dublin and local election candidates from Limerick are among the first batch of politicians to sign up to CyclingForAll.ie.

The politicians to sign-up so-far area Dublin City Council councillors Patrick Smyth (Fine Gael) and Claire Byrne (Greens), and candidate Maria Mulvany (Fine Gael) ; Fingal councillor Roderic O’Gorman (Greens); Limerick candidates Elisa O’Donovan (Soc Dems) and Brian Leddin (Greens), and Waterford candidate Marc Ó Cathasaigh (Greens).

UPDATE: Dublin City-based independent councillor Paul Hand has now also signed up.

The principals of CyclingForAll.ie are SpacePriorityContinuity and qualityPermeabilityContra-flow for cyclingIntegration and connectivity and funding for walking and cycling amounting to at least 20% of the national capital transport budget every year.

Contact your local politicians and candidates

Tell your local councillors and your TDs that you want Cycling for All across Ireland with the required design and funding of 20% of the transport budget to back it up. Check if they are signed up at the national list or local list  (these lists will be updated).

If you don’t know your local politicians or need to find their contact details, you can find them via whoismytd.com.

The important thing is to keep it simple, tell them why you value Cycling for All — for TDs and Senators include the link: cyclingforall.ie/tds and for councillors send them cyclingforall.ie/cllrs

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