Join the Cycling Study Tour to the Netherlands in October

Are you a politician, cycling campaigner, or professional with a focus on cycling and based in Ireland? Join us for a low-cost cycling study tour to the Netherlands in October 2019 to experience world-class cycling infrastructure and get the story behind it.

Following successful study tours in 2015, 2017 and 2018, this three-day cycling study tour is your chance to get expert insight into a cycling culture where nearly everybody cycles, as a means of getting from A to B.

We will be staying in Utrecht, with day trips by train to at least one other city (TBC soon). We will see the newly opened largest bicycle parking unit in the world, iconic bicycle overpasses and bridges, and the standard cycling infrastructure which supports Dutch cycling culture.

Arrival in Utrecht on the evening/night of Wednesday 9th of October, followed by three full days: Thursday 10th, Friday 11th, and Saturday 12th.

The main costs are travel and accommodation (both self booking) and train travel (available on the days of travel).

For details and to express your interest ASAP please contact


  1. That’s a great photo; no helmets or high-viz, mixture of ages, fully segregated.

    Do you get many from the RSA or NTA on these trips? I would think those two agencies would get the greatest benefit from seeing the Dutch standard at first hand.

  2. I lived and cycle commuted/utility cycled in Dublin for the past 7 years before moving to Utrecht in January (where I am also cycle commuting/using a bike as my primary transit mode). If you want any local contacts, feel free to be in touch :)


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