Sustainable transport review consultation ends next week

— Review includes walking, cycling, public transport and land use.

A public consultation on a review of sustainable transport policy is set to end next week after the deadline was extended.

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport said that the review was started after a commitment in the May 2016 Programme for a Partnership Government “to ensure services are sustainable into the future and are meeting the needs of a modern economy”.

It said: “The public consultation is designed to give stakeholders, interested parties and the general public the opportunity to reflect on the information and analysis in the papers, to share their views, and to contribute to the development of a Sustainable Mobility Policy Statement.”

The department said: “An extensive range of background papers has been produced looking at various different aspects of sustainable mobility and setting out questions designed to help assist with developing the new policy framework.”

The background reports can be found at, submissions can be emailed to

[corrected] ANALYSIS: National Cycle Policy review

The public consultation includes a review of the all 109 actions in the National Cycle Policy have been reviewed in ‘Background Paper 2 – Active Travel’ and is available to view on the department website under the consultation tab.

Before we were aware of this, we had a stab at it and we will now compare both the Department’s review and our draft review.

See our spreadsheet on Google Sheets and please comment here or on the spreadsheet — especially if you can help firm up our review, including disagreeing with the existing assessments.

LINK: Public Consultation on a Review of Sustainable Mobility Policy


CORRECTION: The analysis section of this article originally had a headline stating “National Cycle Policy needs reviewing too” the first paragraph after this said: “While the public consultation includes a review of actions of the Smarter Travel Policy, the same treatment isn’t given to the National Cycle Manual. So, we’ve had a stab at it.”

This was incorrect and is now corrected. We are happy to correct this and point out that “all 109 actions have been reviewed in Background Paper 2 – Active Travel, and is available to view on the department website under the consultation tab.”

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