BusConnects review: Route 1: Malahide Road: Part E: Artane roundabout to Collins Ave

COMMENT & ANALYSIS: IrishCycle.com plans to try to look at all of the revised BusConnects Core Bus Corridors, which are the on-street infrastructure changes which includes cycle routes. These articles will aim to inform the public and made up a submission that the routes should follow CyclingForAll.ie standards.

This kind of infrastructure will last for decades. Now is the time to the detail right to kick start cycling for all across Dublin — enabling everybody from school children to retirees and everybody in between using the Dutch system of systematic safety.

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There’s sixteen corridors so we’re in trying to cover all the routes by the closing date for the consultation on April 17, 2020. We might miss things or get things wrong, please comment below if you have suggestions. There’s more details at busconnects.ie/initiatives/core-bus-corridor-project.

The article is split into sections as follows:

The introduction is the same in each article. While it’s best read going from one article to another, most people will likely only read about the areas they live in or cycle through.

This is the overall map for this route:

This is the key / legend for the drawings:


Malahide Road — Artane roundabout to Collins Avenue

Here’s the Artane roundabout on the GDA Cycle Network Plan map:

This is the existing roundabout with two-way cycle paths around it — imperially designed but well meaning:

The two-way cycle paths the whole way around maybe seem excessive and these are what seem to be the main usable flows with the two-way paths:

The current set up includes a link into St Brigid’s Road where there’s shops and a bit further on schools:

With the proposed design, there’s none of that. There’s a hybrid design:

This section mainly needs improved side street / entrance treatments as already discussed:

This section is straight forward besides…

…the junction, which is unclear how the cycling part of it is supposed to work:

Here’s a cross section for around this park — it’s unclear how long the 1.5 metre sections and this should be clearer:

If the plan for turning right from the cycle track at the junction below is to use the pediatrim crossing, then a cycling crossing should be provided.

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