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BusConnects review: Route 1: Malahide Road: Part F: Collins Ave to Griffith Ave

COMMENT & ANALYSIS: plans to try to look at all of the revised BusConnects Core Bus Corridors, which are the on-street infrastructure changes which includes cycle routes. These articles will aim to inform the public and made up a submission that the routes should follow standards.

This kind of infrastructure will last for decades. Now is the time to the detail right to kick start cycling for all across Dublin — enabling everybody from school children to retirees and everybody in between using the Dutch system of systematic safety.

There’s sixteen corridors so we’re in trying to cover all the routes by the closing date for the consultation on April 17, 2020. We might miss things or get things wrong, please comment below if you have suggestions. There’s more details at

The article is split into sections as follows:

The introduction is the same in each article. While it’s best read going from one article to another, most people will likely only read about the areas they live in or cycle through.

This is the overall map for this route:

This is the key / legend for the drawings:


Malahide Road — Collins Avenue to Griffith Ave

This is the junction of Collins Avenue:

It is likely a protected junction can be made work here — this, again, isn’t a design few people seem to know how it will work (again we’ll cover this in an article on junctions):


While this is one of the few areas where CPOs will be needed on this route, it seems that the cycle track will still be narrow after CPO powers are used to widen the road:

It seems that without any major junctions in this section there will be a gap in formal cycling crossings — do roads like Casino Park and Donnycarney Road not justify bicycle crossings to aid people crossing four lanes… and. if not, why not?

Here’s the cross-section for this section:

There bus stop designs which mix people walking and cycling:

It is at one of the steepest sections of the route:

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