Dublin bicycle shop offers free repairs for front line hospital staff and firefighters

A Dublin bicycle shop is offering free bicycle repairs for front line hospital staff and firefighters who are tackling the coronavirus, Covid-19.

While most office staff are staying at home, cycling has become more important for key staff who continue to work. This is likely to become more so the case as public transport services will be reduced next week.

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Paul McQuaid, owner of River Cycles, said: “I’m fixing all front line staff’s bikes for free. Totally for free, not just, ‘we will only charge you for the parts’ free. Totally free.”

McQuaid said he has contacted St James, Mater, and Beaumont hospitals, and firefighters, about the initiative and wants to get the word out reach as many front line staff as possable. Firefighters in the Dublin Fire Brigade are trained paramedics and staff the main ambulance service for Dublin.

River Cycles is based at 10 Usher’s Island across the River Liffey from Blackhall Place.


  1. Nice one Paul & River Cycles. I did something smaller myself this week. I suppose we should al do something ,however big or small as these heroes are literally risking their lives to save ours. Well done. Come on Ireland.


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