Witnesses sought after healthcare worker cycling home in Dublin shouted at and followed

A healthcare worker who was cycling home when they were shouted at and followed by a person in a car is seeking witnesses to the incident which happened on Thursday evening in central Dublin.

The incident, on April 9, follows cycling becoming a more important means of travel for front line staff in a time of lockdown due to COVID 19 pandemic. But it is understood that the person driving the car was more aggressive when they were told that they were following a healthcare worker.

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The healthcare worker, who would prefer not to be named at this point, said: “Last Thursday evening while cycling home along North King St/Church St I was followed and shouted at by a person in a car.”

They added: “Two other cyclists saw it and managed to stall the person while I got away. I want to track down the cyclists or anyone other witnesses.”

If you were a witness you can contact this website and we can pass on your details.

IMAGE: Google Street View image of Church Street.


  1. I wont be surprised if that driver appears in one of our A&E dept’s having crashed due to drink-driving. But to the health worker in question, please be reassured that for every depraved waster like that driver there are a million people who only want to thank you for bravely working on the front line at the most dangerous period ever for Irish health workers. Thank you.


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