Council says they will act on social distancing space after pressure from councillors

— “Implementing some additional cycle priority measures is also being examined” says city council CEO.

Dublin City Council now claiming today that it will act on creating COVID-19 social distancing space after pressure from councillors.

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As we reported last night, the council removed traffic cones on Friday claiming they were a safety hazard.

But today Owen Keegan, the city council’s chief executive, has written to councillors stating that the council will act.

The letter was posted on Twitter by Cllr Ray McAdam (FG) who said that the CEO was responding “to my representations and those of other parties in respect improving cycling facilities & enhanced pedestrian measures during the #Covid19 restrictions. We’ll get this done!”

In his letter to councillors, Keegan wrote: “A significant number of Councillors, across all political Groups, have made representations regarding the need to make increased provision for pedestrians and cyclists to facilitate greater compliance with social distancing.”

“Where the problem is not obvious in the city centre, there seems to be a particular problem in certain villages, where there is significant on-street queuing to access supennarkets etc. on narrow footpaths, which gives rise to pedestrian congestion. Given the reduction in vehicular traffic, it is being suggested that we reallocate road space to prioritise pedestrians and possibly cyclists,” he said.

Keegan added: “We are currently assessing a number of locations, where some intervention might be appropriate, to see what can be done. We are also checking if we can source a supply of suitable bollards to implement the required interventions. The issue of implementing some additional cycle priority measures is also being examined. I will be back in touch, later this week, on these matters.”

ADDED: According to the Dublin Cycling Campaign you should request social distancing measures via the following link:




  1. Never Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth!!
    Great initiative by Ray McAdam and councillors across the board on this. Lets see what comes out from the wash!?
    Dublin Cycling Campaign have made many suggestions over the past few years. Now is a agood time to follow up!?


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