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WATCH: €120 fine and 3 points for motorist who didn’t care about overtaking cyclist dangerously

A €120 fine and 3 penalty points for ‘dangerously overtaking a cyclist’ is on the way to a motorist who said he didn’t care about being filmed after he made the manoeuvre.

Twitter user righttobikeit — who recorded the footage of the dangerous overtake and reported it to the Gardai — said that it happen on the Ballea Road in Carrigaline on January 18, 2020.

The driver shouted abuse at the cyclist when overtaking him, and the driver had previously done the same at a more rural location on a different day.

The incident the motorist was finned for happened months after the new law for dangerously overtaking cyclists, which comes with a higher fine of €120 as well as three penalty points, was introduced by transport minister Shane Ross.

Note: Audio not safe for work / when there’s children around:

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