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Parnell Square East east contra-flow cycle route opens

— New cycle track and bicycle traffic lights allow people to cycle from O’Connel Street to Parnell Square East.

A contra-flow cycle route on Cavendish Row and Parnell Square East is now at least partly operational. Although images posted to Twitter today, show that the planned bollards protecting the cycle lane are still to be added to the route.

A new bicycle traffic light on the north end of O’Connell Street allow people to head across the Luas tracks and straight up the hill towards Parnell Square East.

The contra-flow cycle track allows people cycling northbound on O’Connell Street to cycle straight on, up to Cavendish Row and Parnell Square East.

This allows people travelling northbound to avoid mixing with trams, buses and other traffic on the section of Parnell Street between O’Connell Street and Parnell Square West.

The new quick-build cycle route will provide a direct route for people cycling from O’Connell Street to Dorset Street it is being built by Dublin City Council with the help of the National Transport Authority.

As IrishCycle.com previously reported, the council said that, subject to the successful introduction of this project, it is proposed to examine the possibility of extending the route with the introduction of a contra-flow cycle track on Blessington Street.

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